Promoting hygenic practices to safeguard yourself and others

Please be assured that we value the continued safety and wellbeing of both our clients and personnel. As such we have established the following precautionary actions in terms of sanitation and hygiene to ensure both the safety of our clients and personnel.

  • All clients reporting to our offices are required to make use of the provided hand washing stations to wash their hands before entering the office building. (Handwash instructions as per the World Health Organization are posted at the wash station)
  • Prior to entering our office building client temperatures are also measured by using an infrared thermometer. Clients with elevated temperatures exceeding 38 Degrees Celcius will be referred.
  • Our administrative staff have been provided with disposable gloves for the handling of files and documentation.
  • Medical staff will wear masks if they have a cold or flu not related to the CoVID-19 virus.
  • Inside the building several information posters have been posted with factual information about the virus and how to safeguard yourself and others. Additional health education is however also provided to all clients coming for medicals.
  • All washbasins in the office including the individual examination rooms are fitted with soap dispensers and handwash instructions are posted.

Procedures in place during each step of the medical screening process:

  • Urine/Drug screening: As per our standard practices the testing official will wear disposable gloves. Clients are as per normal also required to wash their hands prior to and after testing – Wash instructions are posted in the testing facility.
  • Vision Screening and Audiometric testing: The test stations will as per standard practice be cleaned between every client. Each test station have also been provided with disposable sanitary handwipes that clients are encouraged to make use of prior to touching the test equipment. Technicians have also been provided with personal hand sanitizers.
  • Physical examination: Both medical staff and clients are required to wash their hand before and after the physical examination portion of the medical screening. OHNP are also making use of disposable gloves that are changed between every client. Each station is also cleaned between every patient.
  • Spirometry: At the spirometry stations (should the client be cleared during the physical examination to proceed with a lung function test) Patients are provided with hand-sanitizer and are required to hand-rub before taking a disposable mouthpiece fitted with a bacterial filter. Mouthpieces are discarded by the client after every test. The station is also sanitized between every patient.
Though we aim to safeguard our staff and clients via the abovementioned measures we do kindly request that employers please refrain from sending persons with flu-like symptoms (e.g. fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sore throats etc.) to do their medicals. They must go to their own doctor or clinic for treatment or if at all concerned contact the CoVID-19 hotline @ 0800 02 99 99 for more information.
Should you require any educational resources for use within the workplace we recommend the following:

Remember, only by working together will we as a nation and global community be able to halt the further spread of this disease.