Our Services

Established Services

Our contracted services are flexible in order to accommodate individual company or industry needs. Services are delivered either through mobile on-site units, or at our own premises in industrial and commercial locations.

Service components include:

- Pre-employment medical examinations (enabling the correct placement of workers according to their physical and mental compatibility to job specifications)
- Periodical medical examinations according to man-job specifications provided
- Exit medical examinations recording the health status of workers on termination of service to prevent later litigation
- Compliance to all legislative and administrative requirements including industry specific compliance
- Professional occupational medical consultancy
- Interaction and enhancements with established company safety program on request
- Assistance with cases involving the Compensation of Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act

* All examinations include:

- Physical Examinations
- Vision Screening
- Lung Function Screening
- Audiometric Screening
- Urine Testing

Additional Services

Industrial Health Medical Screening Services strive to stay on par with new technological developments in order to provide our clients with a service that is as comprehensive as possible.

Based on client input and current DMR requirements we have also in recent years added Psychomotor Evaluations for drivers, operators and artisans to our roster of services.

This evaluation, done with the use of the Dover Test System, measures the competency of drivers, operators and artisans and their capability to work safely and efficiently under pressure.

We also offer the following services on an ad hoc basis:

- X-Ray Services
- Cannabis and Multi-Drug testing
- The monitoring and replenishing of First Aid kits on a monthly basis where applicable
- On-site monitoring which include HIV testing and weight monitoring
- Employee Wellness Days